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FuninKC has created an evolving platform that promotes local businesses and the Kansas City community! With our new design and groundbreaking technology FuninKC helps the community discover great venues, great deals, and all the local events in the area.

Our mission is to provide and connect the public with up-to-date information about Kansas City’s entertainment-based activities in ONE virtual location!

We focus on daily time sensitive deals at prices for all budgets. FuninKC has built a large and growing database of different experiences in Kansas City, from lunch specials, happy hours to live music, concerts and special events. We want Kansas City to shop, dine and have fun while still saving money.

Syncing is the Key!

Our new innovative technology makes it easier to promote and help local businesses grow. We have developed a tool to create, edit and schedule events from any Google calendar, iCalendar, Outlook or Facebook page. Using .ics feeds, events will automatically sync from your organization’s channels directly into the FuninKC main page, location page and optional business page. Each event is filtered into categories so users can easily find what they are looking for.

Now the local community has one place to go for up-to-date information – fast, easy and instant.

We are introducing our smart business pages to Kansas City. Our smart business page collects, organizes and displays a business’s information, social media posts and current events. We aggregate the most up to date information for the local community.

Our Purpose

Every business in Kansas City has deals, lunch special, happy hours and coupons. These deals are a very important way for businesses to generate income and drive traffic throughout the week!

The reason behind the “happy hour” or any “specials” is to increase business during off peak hours.  It’s a win win situation for both business and consumers! Local businesses get a steady stream of customers and consumers get great deals.

It’s not just bars and restaurants who offer deals. Every business can take advantage of the benefits of specials. From bowling alleys and theaters to cinemas, zoo and sport teams, all have some type of a deal to offer to drive traffic and boost business.

Thats why we created FuninKC. We list everything you need to have fun in Kansas City in a simple, clean and beautiful way. We want Kansas City to save money and local businesses to thrive. FuninKC is the place to go to always know what’s going on in the Kansas City area!

Business Owner? Promoter?

Kansas city is growing incredibly fast. The Paris of the Planes is quickly becoming the capital city of the Midwest. We have over 2 million people in the metro, 6 large sports teams, over 12 museums and more than 8 location/districts that are the envy of the region!

Now is the time to give those “big” cites a run for their money with FuninKC. We created this platform for visitors, tourists and, of course, locals to have access to the most comprehensive list of events, unbeatable deals and things to do at their fingertips.

I want to educate businesses about how FuninKC’s groundbreaking, yet user-friendly technology will immensely magnify their online presence and sharpen their competitive edge, while making us one of the top cities in the country.” Oran Tene  CEO/Founder

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FuninKC is looking forward to working closely with local businesses across the metro. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Click here to post your events for free.

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