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Want to increase traffic on your site without any installation of (heavy) third party plugins? Embed our calendar today!

We have over 5 beautiful styles to choose from – Posterboard, Agenda, Feature Events slider, Stream, Month and a Weekly view.

Using Ajax loading, embedded calendars will load quickly without using any bandwidth from your hosting service!

Increase Traffic

Community sites, tourist organizations, local medias, magazines or blogs can enjoy a customized embedded calender from wide variety calendars that we offer at FuninKC.com. Embed our calendar in your site will increase users traffic and engagements. It can be embedded to your website, FB tabs or any html source.

Does your blog or magazine covers live music, local food, nightlife or maybe deals in Kansas City metro? with a simple light-wight code you can display our beautiful calendars with all the relevant events that happening in Kansas City.

Local Business

We want to help you to boost traffic, by showcase your business upcoming events, happy hours, daily specials or any daily time sensitive deals on your website or Facebook page! We creating a shared calendar that allows you to add, edit or delete listed events directly from your private Google account, iCalendar, Outlook or Timely. Then we sync/mirror your updates into our FuninKC channels.

Our Channels

Your business landing page, area page, weekly posts, FuninKC.com main page and external embedded calendars.


Users experiences are first in line, our staff make sure all embedded calendars are mobile friendly and fit into your responsive design. So it looks sharp and beautiful in any device.

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FuninKC is not just a calendar hub, it’s the collection of everything happening in Kansas City. If you need help with marketing, branding or improving online presence, our creative team is here to help!

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